[Review] Next In Fashion – Nơi tài năng toả sáng
[Highly recommend] 

The reality show for those who love fashion! A bunch of designers shows off their talents through all challenges to compete with each other. Yes, “No drama, just talent”!

Follow the review of my miss-high-class-fashion-trendy, took 1 night and more haft day to finish it all on Netflix! How can you don’t watch with the extraordinary compliment from my sis “the only show makes you understand that when you have talent, no jealousy is needed”!!!

It’s been a long time that I can watch the competition-reality-show without drama! So exciting to see those brilliant designs!

1. Daniel – the Haute couture British handsome gentle gayish man! How can he still be calm-gentle-handsome and humble at the same time under pressure?

2. Duo Drincess Dragon – yes! Asian girls can show the world that fashion is not leaded by Western anymore!

3. Marco – the lovely-manly-cutie as humble as hell! Oh, holy shit! His skills are so good! Damn sexy also!!!

PS: the only mins mark is the duo host – annoying-boring-showoff-dramatic!!!